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Taking a Look at HubShout

HubShout started out in 2008 by offering a multitude of services including SEO, analytics, content marketing, and PPC, as well as other associated solutions for your online business.

hubshout services

What’s Good About Hubshout?

HubShout have grown over the years into one of the industry’s most well-known online solution providers. They have gained a lot of recognition from reputed customers who are very satisfied with HubShout services. One of the best things that customers like about HubShout is their openness with stats. Skimming through the reviews, one can easily observe the level of customer satisfaction HubShout has consistently maintained since 2008.

Hubshout reviews

HubShout believes in the lean startup methodology, where numbers matter more than the words.

But, everything has not been as shiny as it appears today. According to statistics published in 2017 on their website, HubShout has seen dips in business in the past, which compelled them to change their strategy and come out all-guns-blazing. This change in strategy has been effective as the numbers now show.

HubShout have been working really hard on improving its customers’ satisfaction. According to data from 2017, the business saw a sharp increase (15%) in customer satisfaction right after the implementation of a proactive approach in communicating with its customers, according to stats from Hubshout Reviews.

The honesty about their failures is something that many users admire, which has in turn led to more business as they make changes to counteract their shortcomings. Not only has business increased, results for clients have also increased, leading to better reviews.

that need improvement

HubShout has maintained a simple yet professional website, where customer reviews speak louder than gimmicks of fancy themes. Though this can be taken as a positive, infographics and explainer videos are important add-ons that can really make their offering seem more appetising for new users. Many if they worked on this more, it could tempt more webmasters to use their services?

HubShout are offering great services to its clients and they are certainly worth trying out. For more reviews, check out http://hubshoutreviews.com/. Have you used HubShout? If so, let us know what you think of them.

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What to Expect on the Day of Your House Move

The big day has
arrived when you will be moving home. It is a stressful occasion, so you may be
worried about what to expect on the day of your move. Here’s how your moving day might unfold, with thanks to
Mod24, who are a movers on demand service.

  1. The moving company will have told you the
    time that they intend to arrive. When they arrive at your property, there will
    likely be a number of people who will be helping move your goods, with one
    member of this team being the leader. This will be your go-to guy for questions
    being answered. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  2. The moving company should prepare a
    written inventory of everything that is being transported. They will likely take
    a look at the item’s condition, as well as assigning it a number for the
    inventory. It is crucial that you agree with their assessment of the condition and
    to ensure nothing is missed from the inventory.
  3. Once the admin is out the way, the
    movers can then begin to load your possessions into the van. We would recommend
    that you take sentimental and personal items with you in the car.
  4. The moving company will take measures
    to ensure the van is tightly packed, so that any items will not move about.
    Make sure that they are doing this. There is a special way to pack the van, so
    don’t be too alarmed if the back of the van looks all jumbled up.

When everything has
been packed away, the driver will likely present you with a bill of lading,
which will set out in detail the conditions and terms of your move. It will include
information such as estimates and the delivery time and date. Ensure you read
this carefully, as when you have signed it, you will be releasing your goods to
the moving company.

When the items are
being unloaded at your new address, we would recommend that you have someone
there with you. One could be by the lorry checking items off as they are
unloaded to ensure no items are missing. Another person could be in the new
house directing where items should go. After all the items are unloaded, you
will then again be asked to sign the bill of lading and inventory. If at a
later date you discover that some items have arrived damaged, you can still
contact the moving company.

If you are still on
the hunt for a moving company to use, you may wish to try out the “uber for moving companies” Mod24.

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What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Pain Relief?

A therapeutic massage sounds amazing doesn’t it! But, it’s not just used for helping people relax, as many experts believe that it is perfect for pain relief also. A massage for the purpose of pain relief involves the massage therapist using their hands, or elbows, to help solve a back problem, for example. A therapeutic massage is different from a non-therapeutic or relaxation massage, as these massages are a lot more passive and their aim is to promote comfort rather than pain relief.

Therapeutic massage has the ability to treat chronic conditions
such as lower back pain, as well as neck and shoulder pain. Therapeutic massage
can even work with headaches, jaw pain and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

The Benefits…

Therapeutic massage is able to help improve such things as
joint flexibility and relieve lower-back pain, but it is also known to help
with the release of endorphins. Here are some of the conditions that
therapeutic massage is able to help with:

  • Sports injuries, or even work-related injuries
    and RSI. Massage is able to effectively deal with conditions such as carpal
    tunnel and plantar fasciitis, as well as bursitis.
  • Mental health conditions such as depression and
  • Poor posture in the body

Therapeutic massage helps to manipulate the soft tissue within the human body. This promotes the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system. This results in better natural immunity.

It is also commonly used after surgery, such as in legs or
arms to help minimize any swelling. As you can see, there are many benefits of
massage therapy for pain relief.

What Massage is Right For You?

  • Reiki – This type of massage involves light
    touches. Mainly this is used to increase the body’s energy.
  • Craniosacral therapy – Normally, around five
    grams of pressure is applied, and is thought to help with the central nervous
  • Deep tissue massage – One of the more common types
    of massage. Here, the massage therapist uses a great deal of pressure to help target
    the deepest layers of muscle tissue in a person’s body to help relieve pain.
  • Rolfing and myofascial release – Sometimes used for
    helping to manipulate soft tissues, and is more aggressive than a deep tissue

How often should you visit a massage therapist?

For individuals with chronic pain, it is recommended that
you have a massage at least once every 4 weeks, but this really depends on the
person. For example, if you suffer from particularly bad back pain, you may
wish to visit a massage therapist maybe three or four times within a few weeks
to really maximize the benefit of the massages on your day to day life.

Thanks to Release
Muscle Therapy
, who offer massage
in Santa Monica
, for their contribution to this article.

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Best Way To Visit Egypt

It’s really amazing to make traveling and locomotion the quickest way to your own opulence and Felicity. Nevertheless, when the matter is related to traveling to Egypt, your timeless delight will reach its maximum not only for its wealthy history but also for its unique nature. Egypt offers you the chance to experience all you wish: step back in time by touring the houses of the Pharaohs, relax over the marvelous sandy beaches, enjoy the fantastic moderate weather, immerse beneath the Red sea waters, gain the culture that illuminated the world, do shopping tours, and many more activities you can do in the land of Pharaohs. So Egypt Tours Portal is your gateway to experience what Egypt has to offer to be greatly inclusive and always memorable.

Wealthy Historical Background

Indeed, Egypt Pharaonic history is the most well-known features about Egypt throughout the years. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptian ancestors commenced to follow the first steps on the way to opulent glory that would last for too long and never be erased. The primitive Egyptians led a hard life, they had accommodated in tents and caves and fed on the tree leaves till they settled down over the banks of the Nile which assisted them to cultivate the neighbouring lands and breed the livestock and it was the starting point to glorious life-time civilization. They constructed three fascinating pyramids and the great limestone statue of Sphinx in Memphis city, the ancient capital of Egypt. The great Pyramid of King Khufu which is regarded as the one of the seven world wonders, became the most popualr of Egypt attractions due to its extraordinary size. In Upper Egypt – particularly in Luxor and Aswan -, the ancient kings and queens competed to erect the fabulous historical temples for worship and religious rites. These temples weren’t only houses of worship but they also included carvings, and many timeless drawings on their walls. These drawings tell a lot about the achievements of the pharaohs and their battles against their enemies. Egypt also gained a precious heritage in the modern history: the Ayyubid ruler Salah El Din constructed Cairo Citadel – the reinforced fortress that protected Cairo from the Crusaders’ attacks – and the Egyptian Museum which included more than 120000 monumental arifacts.

Wonderful Beaches & Resorts

Egypt geographic location is unique as it overlooks two major seas: the Mediterranean Sea from the north and the Red Sea from the east. This advantage provides an additional option for Egypt visitors, specially for those who are fund of seas and beaches holidays. Alexandria, for example, is a preferable destination as it combines between the ancient monuments of the Romans and the Greeks, and the blissful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only Alexandria but also Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea shore are also vital destinations for many travelers. Resorts in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh provide all means of entertainment and recreation: luxurious hotels, charming pools, fresh food and soft drinks, many adventurous water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing and many more over the coasts of the Red Sea.

How to Book a Trip to Egypt

Once a traveler takes a decision to spend a vacation in Egypt, it’s necessary to follow some steps in order to have a marvelous trip. First a traveler doesn’t have to confirm his tour with a big famed travel agency, it’s more important to deal with an agency of a good reputation and a highly qualified staff. Then you have to customize the tour and the itinerary which is suitable for your needs, and budget. If it’s a family trip, you can share the choice with your family members. It’s completely requisite to choose the itinerary that cover most of Egypt sightseeing during your stay in Egypt but your budget for your tour should always be taken into consideration. Order in booking your trip in Egypt is really essential as booking your international flights at first is a must then book your domestic trip to match your arrival and departure flights with your tour itinerary. This step makes you avoid many troubles such as missing one of your international flights, domestic flights or any points of visits. In this case, you will not completely enjoy your tour as you will be confused all over the trip. Another point is to discover Egypt online very well before arrival so as to be able to determine which attractions will satisfy your wishes and which transportation you would like to use to move among the various historical sights.
Before you confirm your trip with a travel agency, you will need to recognize some points:

  • The tour guides that will escort you during the trip and should require a guide who speaks your mother tongue fluently to be able to interact with him.
  • The hotels that you will be accommodated in and their service levels. You can also check them online before arrival to make sure that your accommodation will be luxurious and comfortable and if you prefer particular hotels, you should recommend them.
  • The transportations that you will use to move among the historical attractions and assure that they are modern and comfortable.
  • Your pick up time from the airport and from the hotel to the attractions and your drop off time.
  • Entry Visa to Egypt: whether you should apply for it before arrival or you will get it in Egypt at the airport.
  • If your tour includes Nile cruise, you need to check that it’s a 5* deluxe Nile cruise and ask about the services will be offered on board.
  • The types of the food that will be served and if you prefer a particular type of food { for example: Vegetarian Food }, you can advise it.
  • Another remarkable consideration is to inquire about the inclusions and exclusions { what’s included in the tour price and what’s not included }
  • Another point concerning the total cost of your tour and to what extent it suits your budget.
  • Another question you should know its answer before booking the trip is whether your tour is private or sharing with other tourists.
  • The method of payment: you need to require about the way you will pay for the tour, whether you should send a part of the price as a deposit and the remaining amount to be paid upon arrival or you will pay the total cost in Egypt to your tour guide.

Best Tour to Discover Egypt

After you book your holiday in Egypt and match your itinerary to your international flights, have a look to your tour in Egypt in details: For Example { 11 Days Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada & Nile Cruise }. On Day 1, upon arrival to the airport, the representative will be waiting for you to assist you in passport and luggage formalities and getting the Visa then you will be transferred to check in 5* hotel in Cairo. On Day 2, have you breakfast at the hotel then you will be accompanied by your tour guide in air conditioned car to visit Giza Pyramids Complex { Giza Pyramids – the Great Sphinx – the Valley Temple } then you will have lunch at a local restaurant in Cairo then move to visit Saqqara Step Pyramid. End your first day tour and return to your hotel for overnight stay. Early morning on Day 3, breakfast at the hotel then you will be picked up from the hotel to Cairo Airport to fly to Aswan. Upon arrival, join your tour guide to visit the High Dam, and Philae Temple then check in your 5* Nile cruise where you will have your lunch and overnight on board. On Day 4, sail to Kom Ombo to visit Kom Ombo Temple with your tour guide. Back to the cruise and overnight on board. On Day 5, continue sailing to Edfu and visit Edfu Temple with your tour guide then return to the cruise to sail to Luxor overnight on board. Note that you will have your meals { brakfast – lunch – Dinner on board the cruise }. Morning time on Day 6, check out the cruise then visit Luxor attractions: Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon then have lunch at an oriental food restaurant on the Nile then visit Karnak temple. Move to check in 5* hotel in Luxor for overnight stay. On Day 7, you will be transferred to Hurghada by a private air conditioned car. In Hurghada, you will be taken to 5* hotel to check in. On Day , have a free day to explore Hurghada city on your own. Note that { Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Soft Drinks are offered in Hurghada }. Early morning on Day 9, Breakfast at the hotel then you will be picked up to the airport to fly to Cairo. Upon arrival, meet your tour guide to visit the Egyptian Museum, the Hanging Church, and Khan El Khalili Bazaar then you will be taken to check in 5* hotel to check in and overnight. On Day 10, join your tour guide to visit Alexandria sights: Catacombs, Qaitbay Citadel, the Pompy’s Billar, and Alexandria Library. Back to your hotel in Cairo for overnight. On day 11 , Check out after breakfast at the hotel then you will be dropped off at the airport and the representative will aid you in departure procedure.

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Safari In Tanzania

When you
mentioned Safari, most people have the imagination of a jungle filled with all
kind of wildlife as they see in wildlife documentaries- a jungle where the BIG
5 reign supreme. Well, that’s what you get from a Tanzania safari. As safari to
this East African country is, without doubt, an adventure filled with lifetime
memories. From some of the world’s top ranking wildlife viewing game reserves,
scenic landscape, warm climate to beautiful beaches, Tanzania is a country of
startling contrast.

What To Expect On Safari in Tanzania

If you are planning a safari in Tanzania, you have plenty of options to select. The country is endowed with breathtaking natural attractions that are second to none. Although its prolific wildlife is the major reason why people come for safaris, there are tons of natural attractions you can add to your Tanzania safari tours.

  1. Wildlife Safari Experience

 So are
you a wildlife enthusiast? If yes, then Tanzania boasts of prolific wildlife
with almost a third of its landmass secured for the game reserves.  From
the iconic Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Selous to Ruaha game reserves, you have
plenty of options to pick from. However, Serengeti is the most popular due to
its thrilling wildlife experience. But if you have enough time, we recommend
that you visit all of them as each has its unique safari experience. But you
need to get the timing correct.

Best Time to Do a Wildlife Safari in Tanzania

One of the
reasons why Tanzania is popular as a safari destination is due to its
incredible experience year round. You can pick various times of the year
depending on what you want to get out of your safari. As mentioned, Serengeti
National Park
is the best safari destination. The iconic game reserve is best known
for its prolific wildlife including the ‘Big 5’ game. Serengeti ecosystem has
earned international recognition due to its vast population of African
elephants and other members of the BIG FIVE family. However, the best safari
experience that attracts millions of tourists every year is the phenomenal
wildebeest and zebra migration. There is a reason why it is the 8th
Wonder of the World.

            Serengeti Cheetah                

When Is Serengeti’s Best Migration

For wildlife
enthusiasts, wildebeests, gazelles and zebras’ migration around Serengeti is a
spectacle you can’t miss.  From December to March is the best time to be
in the Serengeti ecosystem since it is the peak season. That is the season
millions of wildebeests, Zebras and Gazelles migration is in full swing as in
the lush Serengeti fields after the short rains. The season also serves as the
calving time for the wildebeest. It is also the perfect time to see the Lion, King
of the Jungle hunting. It is definitely a spectacular sight to behold. During
this peak season, almost all safari lodges are fully booked in advance. So you
need to play your cards well.

Off-peak Serengeti Safari

If you can’t
make it during the peak season, you can take up a May or June to October
safari. Although it is an off-peak season, Serengeti’s exotic glamour has not
faded away as the game reserve still provides a breathtaking game viewing
experience. Although the lush fields and The Great Migration are fading away
during this time, the resident wildlife is still roaming around including the
BIG 5.

A June to
October safari to Serengeti is perfect for those looking forward to the beauty
of the resident game. It is a dry season, and thus most of the resident game is
around water sources. This is the perfect time to view all the BIG FIVE in
Serengeti as the lush fields have faded away.

you see them clearly even from a distance.

Herd of
Elephants in Serengeti

Other Game Reserves you can Visit in Tanzania

Apart from
Serengeti, there are other a couple of game reserves that will wow you. They
include a safari in Tarangire National Park best known for its herds of
elephants. Ngorongoro Conservancy has also grown in popularity as a home to the
Big 5 game. Apart from its vast BIG FIVE game, the volcanic Ngorongoro crater a
major attraction. Selous and Ruaha game reserves are also great places to be,
especially during the June – October season when the land is dry.


Other Tanzania’s Attractions

Apart from
wildlife safari, there are many attractions you can enjoy from your Tanzania
safari tours. If you love adventures, then a safari in Tanzania will never be a
disappointing experience. The mainland Tanzania has some of the best natural
attraction in East Africa. How about climbing to Africa’s summit? Well, that is
what Mt Kilimanjaro on the border of Tanzania and Kenya is offering. It is the
highest point in Africa and the second in the world. Armed with your powerful
microscope at the peak, you will be able to see the vast magnificent African
land spreading from the foot of the mountain.

                        Mt. Kilimanjaro

The Great
Rift Valley passes through Tanzania and hosts some of the world’s spectacular
natural beauties. Most iconic are its lakes including Lake Tanganyika, Lake
Nyasa, Lake Natron, Lake Chala amongst others. It is also important to note
that World’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria is also in Tanzania. These
are just of the natural beauties that you can add to your Tanzania safari tours
for a more fulfilling experience.

Tanzania’s Vibrant Beach Life

          Zanzibar White Beach

most of the safaris are in mainland Tanzania, we recommend that you wind up
your safari with a beach experience in Tanzania’s exotic Indian Ocean Islands.
There are many options that you can pick from including, but Zanzibar
archipelago is the real deal. The Indian island provides an incredible beach
experience like no other. The archipelago is made up of two large islands
namely Unguja and Pemba, but there are about ten islands which are part of
Zanzibar. The island also boasts of astounding white beaches and turquoise
coral waters which is a sight to behold. If you love snorkeling, boat riding,
sea diving, and hiking, Tanzania’s Indian Ocean islands provide a perfect place
wind up you Tanzania Safari.   

A safari in
Tanzania is definitely an adventure filled with lifetime memories. From the
wildlife to the vibrant beach life, the country has everything you need for a
once in a lifetime Safari. Get a safari package that gives you all this

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What is Digital Twin Solution?

FieldTwin is a product that is able to create, as well as
maintain, a digital twin across the entire life-cycle of a field. This means it
can keep an exact digital copy of an oil and gas company’s physical assets.
What is the benefit of this? Well, this allows producers to optimize asset
performance and value.

If you are looking to capitalize performance, as well as efficiency, in oil price markets, then we would recommend that you look into these immediate digitalization opportunities. FieldTwin, produced by FutureOn, is a solution that is able to maximize big data to your advantage.

More About FieldTwin

You can probably
appreciate that most of the data that you hold in your company, even in an
expert system, is not being
utilized to its full potential. This could be for a number of reasons such as
the size of the data, or even as something as simple as the file format.

The digital FieldTwin is:

  • one
    source of truth for each party involved.
  • it has
    the ability to seamlessly integrate IoT sensor data. This is perfect for monitoring
    equipment statuses in real time, as well as well flow-rates and vessel
    locations, and engineer tasks. It can also measure production values.
  • visual
    representation of equipment data, which is able to make sense of previously
    unmanageable data streams
  • dramatic
    reduction of operational time-lines

With your digital
copy of your field in FieldTwin, you can make digital your offshore field
development and installation. This allows you to accurately display production
performance metrics, as well as equipment maintenance.

How It Works

We have found that customers of FieldTwin can create safer, but
yet more responsive operating conditions. There is also the added benefit of reducing
risk, and customers have also found that it helps secure the longevity of field

What is more, Field Twin is able to help with offshore asset
inspection. It can also play a part in maintenance and repair programs.

FieldTwin is able to make data more secure, thanks to its
advanced Cloud-based platform. In fact, the security measures employed in FieldTwin
were developed by some industry heavyweights, namely Google, Microsoft and
Amazon. By using Field Twin within a secure Cloud, it allows the easy integration
of data. Field Twin has the advantage of “breaking up the barriers” caused by
old legacy systems, allowing you to make full use of your data.

For more information, check out Digital Twin Solution.

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Fasting For Surgery – What’s the Deal with That?

If you have undertaken a
surgical operation before, it is common to be asked to “fast at least for six hours before your operation.” While this may
present some important benefits and serve as a precautionary measure before
anesthetics, the reasons behind doing so remains a mystery for many people.

What is fasting?

Fasting is an act of
abstinence from food or drinks for a set period of time. Prior to the advent of
general anaesthesia, fasting was strictly considered a spiritual (religious)
exercise. but fasting prior to surgery has shown to be crucial in the
prevention of medical complications.

Benefits Of Preoperative Fasting

serves as a precautionary measure to prevent lung injuries.

An unfasted patient places
themselves at great risk of a condition known as ‘pulmonary aspiration.’ This
is a situation when the stomach contents travels up the oesophagus (gullet) and
enters the lungs. When this content enters the lungs the gastric fluid itself
can create a chemical burn of the lungs. In addition food particles can block
the flow of air into the lungs placing the patient as immediate life threatening
risks. The chemical burn of gastric fluid damages the ability of the lungs to
allow oxygen from the air to enter the blood stream.  This can result in patients having very low
oxygen levels in their body, a condition known as ‘hypoxia.’  The management of hypoxia will require
supplemental oxygen for the patient for hours to days in some cases.

This is the primary reason
why anesthetists will insist on the recommendations of preoperative fasting
guidelines. It is believed that this precaution will help to promote gastric
emptying prior to induction of anesthesia.

Who is at risk of pulmonary aspiration?

though a patient have taken the necessary steps of following the fasting
guidelines, there are still some people who are at increased risks of pulmonary
aspiration. These are patients that have a medical condition that delays the
emptying of the stomach. Some examples of medical conditions that delay stomach
emptying are diabetes, obesity and Parkinsons Disease.

medications can also promote poor stomach emptying. The most common medications
that can delay the stomach emptying are opiate medications. Opiate medications
are used to manage pain with an example being oxycodone.

Are there side effects associated with preoperative fasting?

Although there is solid evidence in fasting prior to surgery, it does not come without side effects. Anaesthetists from the Anaesthetic Billing company ‘Fast Tracking Anaesthetic Billing Services’ have noted the main disadvantage of prolonged fasting is that it increases the level of discomfort of patients. This is more pronounced in extremities of ages such as infants and the elderly. Symptoms that patients may experience are headaches and dizziness.

do the experts recommend?

The American Society of Anesthesiologists
have provided guidelines for patients in preparation for surgery. These are:

  • Clear liquids like carbonated
    beverages, black coffee, clear tea, fruit juice without pulp, and water,
    two hours prior to surgery.
  • Light meals such as toast and tea
    with milk six hours prior to surgery.

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The Importance of a Home Inspection Before Buying a Condo

When we think about buying a
, we often wrongly believe that they will be a lot easier to manage
and maintain in the future compared to a traditional house. I suppose there are
no driveways to repave, and you don’t have to be solely responsible for the
roof. But, it is important to note that things to do go wrong with condos, so
we would always advise that you carry out a home inspection on the condo before
you buy.

So, what do you need and your home inspector need to look out for
when carrying out a home inspection?

We would recommend that you check for…

• Any noticeable spotting on the floor and walls of the
condo. Also, if you notice that the floors are sloped, there is a chance that
this could be down to water damage.

• If you notice that some of
the walls are cracked, this may be because of a structural problem, which can
be expensive to rectify.

• If you find that there is spotting
around the window, this would indicate that there is mold in the property.

• We would also recommend that
you complete a check to see if the doors are level. If not, this could indicate
some serious issues.

• When it comes to the tiling
of the condo, it is important to check to see if there are any gaps or missing
caulking in any of the tile work.

• Also, examine the common
areas of the building to see if any regular maintenance has been completed. If
not, the residents of the block will be unlikely to do anything about any major
repairs in the future.

• Run the taps and shower to
check if there is suitable water pressure, and check both the hot and cold taps
when doing so.

• If you smell any unusual
smells in the condo, make sure that you try and get to the root of the problem.
It could be highlighting a serious problem.

• Check to see if the
electrical systems and HVAC systems both work. If in your condo there is an
HVAC, as well as a central building system unit, make sure you inspect both.

These are just some of the things that you should look out
for when buying a condo. But, you should complete these checks if you are buying
a townhouse
aswell. What else should potential buyers look out for? Tell us
what you think!

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3 Countries You Probably Haven’t Considered Volunteering Abroad In…

Volunteering abroad is an excellent idea for spreading your wings, whilst helping others less fortunate than you in the process. There are so many opportunities for volunteering abroad in nowadays. Sure, everyone likes going to places like India to volunteer in. But, have you considered these 3 countries?

1. Volunteer in Cameroon…

Cameroon is a relatively safe African country in which to volunteer in. It is arguably one of the most diverse nations on the continent, with some people often calling it “Africa in Minature”. The country has rainforests and beaches, as well as large open deserts and savannah that takes the breath away.

There are many great volunteering opportunities to really live and work like a local in Cameroon. You will quickly realize while volunteering in Cameroon that one person’s help can truly make a difference in delivering change and development.

2. Volunteer in Nicaragua…

If you are looking for a country in Central America, Nicaragua is a place that ticks all the boxes. By volunteering here, you will get a unique insight into the culture of Central American’s largest, democratic republic nation. Despite it’s past, Nicaragua is considered a safe place in which to volunteer and travel in.

While safety in Nicaragua has certainly improved, it still suffers from chronic levels of unemployment and poverty, and is thought to be one of the poorest countries in the whole of the Americas, so any help you can offer in the country will be greatly appreciated.

3. Volunteer in Cambodia

Cambodia is in the midst of a massive tourist boom, but it is a nation which still suffers from poverty. People from around the world come to marvel at ancient temples such as Angkor Wat, and the party town of Siem Reap and Sihoukville, so there is lots to see and do.

But, away from the tourist areas, the residents often survive on less than $1 a day. This means Cambodia is ranked a rather lowly 129th out of 177 countries in the United Nations Human Development Report. It is possible to volunteer to do community service work, and your help will be most appreciated by the community in which you serve.

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2 Big Reasons You Should Learn A Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument isn’t something that is on
most adult’s radars. If you didn’t start playing the piano or violin from the
age of 5, then chances are you’ve never thought about taking it up as an adult.
You just accept that it isn’t something you can do.

A small number of people start learning instruments like the
guitar from adulthood. However, this is rare, and when it does happen people
rarely take it as far as proper musical training. They might buy a few chord
books and play around with it in their bedroom. But it doesn’t come close to
the kind of deliberate, hard practice that young people are put through when
learning in a formal environment.

Well, it turns out that there are some enormous benefits to
taking up proper musical training.

Research is showing that serious musical training – at any
age – has a profound effect on how our brains work. There is also some exciting
evidence that formal musical education from a young age can affect how the
brain develops throughout your life.

Let’s go through the two major reasons why experts say you
should consider taking up an instrument.

Music Makes Us More

It’s intuitively obvious that music makes us more creative.
It can stir our imagination, rile up our deepest emotions, and take us to a
place far away from reality. We all get some sort of feeling out of music, and
it’s obvious to us that we feel more creative as a result.

More interestingly, music seems to be able to put us into
‘the flow state’ – that state of being completely absorbed in what you’re
doing, unaware of time passing, and performing right up to the edge of your
abilities. That’s why writers, architects, and painters have typically always
preferred to paint with music blasting out in their studios – it disconnects us
from the real world and helps us become totally absorbed in the task at hand.

We now believe that playing
a musical instrument to a high level might help us more easily slip into a
flow state when we need to.

This study
found that students were indeed able to get into a ‘flow state’ when performing
a very difficult piece of music in front of a live audience. They didn’t think
they were good enough to finish the piece before the experiment, but in the end
they pulled it off.

We also have evidence which suggests that getting into the
flow state is something one can learn. If
you can practice blocking out distractions and completely absorbing yourself in
a task in one domain, then you seem
to get better at doing so generally.

So, taking up a musical instrument and practicing hard will
teach your brain to focus more and more intensely on the task at hand. Doing
this will teach your brain how to focus intense in every circumstances.

Music Training Makes
The Brain Grow!

At first this might sound unbelievable, but it’s true. There
is a large body of research showing that early musical training changes the way
the brain grows and develops. Specifically, it seems that intensive musical
training from a young age – around 6 years old – causes certain areas of the
brain to grow much more rapidly than in people without musical training.

In a fascinating
article on Natural Nootropic, Henry Bearman explains how musical
training stimulates growth in specific areas of the brain.

He talks about a
number of different effects that music has been found to have on the brain, but
the one that stands out is the building of the corpus
callosum. This is the bundle of nerves which connects the right and left sides
of the brain. Researchers found that early musical training caused this bundle
of nerves to grow thicker.

means more connections, and as a result, more efficient communication between
the hemispheres of the brain.

It doesn’t take a
brain surgeon to figure out that better connections between the left and right
sides of the brain will mean more creative, fluid thought, better emotional
control, better decision making, and a host of other benefits.

Now you might be
thinking; I’m not 6, so what’s the point?

But there is no
reason that musical training wont have a similar, although significantly
smaller, effect on your own brain development. After all, the brain doesn’t
remain static throughout your life. Your brain cells are constantly
degenerating, growing, multiplying, and diminishing. Musical training might be
just the stimulus you ned to maintain healthy growth in the corpus callosum.

Start Today

There’s really no
reason to hold back on this.

It’s clear that
music makes us more creative, it teaches us to focus intensely on one activity,
and it clearly has a profound effect on the way the brain grows over time.

So what’s
stopping you?

The post 2 Big Reasons You Should Learn A Musical Instrument appeared first on FeedsPortal.com.

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